3 must-visit concert venues in the United States

Traveling for great music is a practice that many enjoy and these are three locations that music-lovers must visit for a show.
7th Annual We Can Survive, Presented By AT&T, A RADIO.COM Event
7th Annual We Can Survive, Presented By AT&T, A RADIO.COM Event / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

There are several reasons to travel this spring and summer. Whether you’re looking to hit the beach, check out a busy nightlife, or a quiet getaway – everyone has their own reasons to leave town. But what the music lovers who will pay any cost to see their favorite acts? What are the venues in the United States that should be willing to drop large sums of money to visit? These are three venues that every music and concert lover must visit once in their lifetime.

9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

The 9:30 Club is one of those mainstream clubs that screams underground whenever you get to visit it. It’s a large space that is perfect for parties or concerts. When the biggest acts come to town, there isn’t a bad seat or standing place in the house. Both well-known and up-and-coming acts frequent the 9:30 Club. For example, the 2024 slate includes GWAR, Parliament Funkadelic with George Clinton, and Luke Hemmings – all acts from this and past generations. And when there isn’t a big concert going on, there are dance parties that are just as popular based on various genres. There’s truly something for everyone at this historic venue in the Nation’s Capital.

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles California

Not only is the Hollywood Bowl an amazing venue for music, but it’s also a great sightseeing attraction at the same time. This is a stunning outside landmark that is perfect for hearing music of all types. Thanks to its design, customers can hear every aspect of the sound perfectly from every seat. Not only does the Hollywood Bowl bring out some of the biggest acts in music, but this is also a venue frequented by big comedy acts. Take the 2024 slate for example that has Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Matt Rife, and Kevin Hart scheduled for shows. T-Pain, Chris Stapleton, and The Roots Picnic are some of the musical shows scheduled for this year as well. If a trip to California is on the docket, then make it a point to check out a show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Steel is a venue that is as New York as New York could be. From the outside, it may not seem like a welcoming venue, but once you’re inside you’ll get why this is a popular attraction in the city. A lot like the 9:30 Club in DC, Brooklyn Steel is a great spot for concerts and dance parties. This establishment caters to lesser-known acts, but still puts on a great show. This year’s list of events includes acts like Hermanos Gutierrez, Danny Lux, and Microwave. If you’re into finding the newest acts to follow, Brooklyn Steel is worth your time.