3 must-follow YouTube creators for travelers

YouTube is a great resource for planning a vacation and these are three content creators you must follow in 2024.
In this photo illustration, the YouTube logo is displayed in...
In this photo illustration, the YouTube logo is displayed in... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For some, planning your vacation is almost as fun as the trip. Finding deals, selecting attractions, and securing accommodations, can be fun activities when you’ve worked hard to create the space to take a trip. YouTube has become a great tool for researching destinations and attractions, with thousands of content creators making videos about your dream vacations. With so many to sort through, here are three content creators that you must follow when planning your travels.

Travel Ruby

Travel Ruby is a must-follow if you love Las Vegas, Nevada. For nearly a decade, Travel Ruby has given you all the insider info about one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. She has more than 300 videos and continues to post content daily. Her content has more than a combined 70 million views! You can find everything from information about hotels, restaurants, pool parties, and more. She also does monthly updates of what is new in Las Vegas, including updates on important news topics.

Travel Ruby has also branched out to include Ruby Slots which is another channel dedicated to slot machines. In four years, that channel already has more than 92 thousand subscribers and 48 million views.


Are you a fan of traveling south of the border? Looking for the best resorts for parties, activities, dinners, or to stretch your dollar? Then Coolist is the YouTube channel for you. James goes to all the resorts throughout Mexico and beyond to find out all the interesting details about each property. He’s done a few videos in Las Vegas, but international destinations are more his flare.

His content started back in 2019 and as of this piece he’s put together 527 videos, with latest content released daily. He’s generated more than 23 million views and has 87 thousand subscribers. He’s a great starting point if you’re looking to book your first resort vacation.

Passport Heavy

If production value is more your thing, then Passport Heavy is an amazing YouTube creator to follow. Jubril leads a team of talented content creators as they travel the world and visit destinations that may not be on your travel radar. Their content puts Black and Brown creators, locals, and destinations front and center. Their work isn’t focused solely on travel, as they bring some business aspects to the conversation as well, such as recent videos about buying land in other countries. Passport Heavy is a great content creator to follow if you not only love to travel but are looking for additional ways to improve your lifestyle while doing so.