3 Florida cities listed among top ten worst to visit this summer

Florida is a popular travel destination but some of its famous cities don't rank well when compared to their peers.
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Florida is a popular travel destination. If you like to hang back for low key evenings, or party until the sun comes up – there’s something in Florida for everyone. However, Forbes Advisor just released its list of worst cities to travel to this summer and Jacksonville, Florida sits atop of the maligned list.

Forbes Advisor looked at 43 popular cities and measured them across 16 different data points. At the end of the data crunching, Jacksonville stood out with a score of 100 out of 100 and no, that is not a passing grade.

Jacksonville was hit with several tough markers. For example, Jacksonville had the eighth highest crime rate, eighth for the fewest restaurants with four or more stars, and had the lowest walkability score. Even Jacksonville International Airport caught a few strays as it has the second highest percentage of flight disruptions during the summer.

The metrics used for the calculation included air travel, city experiences, and driving experience.

Jacksonville wasn’t the only Florida city on the list. Tampa came in at the eighth slot, while Miami was ranked number ten. The entire top ten includes the following: Jacksonville, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Fresno, California, Memphis, Tennessee, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Tampa, Tucson, Arizona, and finally Miami.

When traveling to cities in Florida, realize there’s much more to do than hit South Beach or the crowded nightlife scene. Miami offers a diverse food scene, museums, or even a robust offering of sports teams to enjoy. The Wynwood district is a beautiful sight to behold, and travelers can also rent boats to enjoy quiet time on the sea. Ocean Drive isn’t the end all be all to Miami, and the same is true for other areas like Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

While Forbes Advisor hit these cities with the tough distinction of being among the worst in the country for your summer vacation, there are ways to visit these cities and still have an enjoyable time. Just be sure to avoid the overcrowded areas and take in the sun to get the most out of your vacation.