3 best travel apps to save money

Travel apps go a long way in helping travelers save money when planning or on their vacation.
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Travel is an enjoyable activity, but one that can come at a heavy price. As “inflation” continues to hit nearly every market in the United States and beyond, prices climb for everything from airline tickets, to rental cars, hotels, and more. However, travelers can take advantage of various tools to help them save money along the way. Yahoo Finance released a list of travel apps that must be used to help save on vacation and these are three that stood out.

Hotel Tonight

Finding room and board can be one of the hardest aspects of travel. Hotels charge various rates depending on the day and time of the year. Plus, additional costs like resort fees, and deposits can easily pile up. Hotel Tonight is a great option for travelers looking to make a last-minute reservation, or even if you’re looking for a quick night’s stay. Hotel Tonight allows you to book hotels for that night, often at a reduced price because the rooms weren’t booked already. This is a great tool to use if you’re planning a last-minute trip or looking for a staycation in your hometown.


This is the app for avid road trippers. Filling up a gas tank can quickly become an expensive part of any vacation. GasBuddy helps save a few cents on each gallon, which can become a real cost saver. The app lists the best prices of gas stations nearby and sorts them out by your specifications. The information is populated by users, so the app is dependent upon those who use that app, so less populated cities may have information that isn’t as up to date. Still, using GasBuddy to plan for a road trip can easily help you save money while behind the wheel.


Hopper is an app that lets you do nearly everything when it comes to planning a trip. You can book a flight, rent a car, and book a hotel – all from one location. What makes Hopper so useful is that it allows you to predict future prices, letting you know when the best time is to book – saving money along the way. Want to know the cheapest time to travel, open the Hooper app and you can plan your dates around the cheapest prices available. Hopper even has special deals that are exclusive to the app that travelers can take advantage of as well.