Take a Look at These Beautiful Frozen Waterfalls in Croatia

Two Red Dots
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Tamas Toth, a traveling photographer, recently went on a short and spontaneous photography trip. He departed his hometown of Budapest with three friends and headed to one of Croatia’s largest National Parks surrounding the Plitvice Lakes. This location is amazing for photographers because its natural beauty is unlike any place, and is certainly unique.

This National Park in Croatia is of 259 km2. There are sixteen lakes in the north, stretching out in a garland shape and they are situated in the Kapela Mountains. As Tamas wrote: “The formation of the Plitvice Lakes was also the result of these transformations.

The limestone creates dikes, sills and other structures in the Karst Rivers and streams. The lakes’ extreme blue color is the result of this karst occurrence.” He was in front of a natural masterpiece, all he had to do was to capture it in his photos.

Not only, have these waterfalls changed with time. The water changes its bed, leaving its former direction dry, and in turn raising new formations elsewhere. This natural and rare reserve makes the treacherous hike worth it. The beauty this encapsulates is something that attracts many photographers because it is so different.

We could say that this Park probably will never be the same, it will always change and assume new formations, so it might be great to see it now before it changes again. So the group of friends hiked in the area despite the cold and the snow and took gorgeous photos.