Las Fallas Festival Is A Must See

Two Red Dots
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Las Fallas is a famous holiday like a festival that is celebrated yearly in March in Valencia, Spain. Las Fallas is essentially a city-wide event where the city transforms into an incredible display of Spanish culture and art.

Artists get together to create huge paper mache like figures that line the streets during the week-long festival. These art figures are judged and awarded. At the end of the festival, every single figure is burned to the ground, in a spectacle of fiery flames throughout the city. This week is also characterized by twice-daily mascletas.

Mascletas are firework shows and the largest ones can be seen from the Rio or the big plazas. Along with this, street bars and food trucks pop up around the city. % euro mojitos, burritos, hot dogs, and churro stands seem to cover many street corners and plaza spaces.  Discomoviles are also set up at night. Discomoviles are basically mobile and outdoor clubs.

The people of Valencia love to party and Las Fallas is the most perfect opportunity for them to have a great time while enjoying their city’s culture and the religious significance behind the festival.

There are many different aspects of this festival that are extremely appealing to tourists and Valencia attracts a huge crowd during this time of year. Tourists almost double the Valencian population and streets become so packed that walking through with a group of more than two people becomes nearly impossible. Children also have a tradition to throw mini and harmless explosive cracker-like things to the ground during these weeks. You can hear the popping sounds of these children throwing their little-exploding firecrackers all throughout the week.

Las Fallas is definitely a spectacle that you should experience at least once in life.