Why New York Has The Best Bagels in the World

Two Red Dots
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Everyone loves bagels. Bagels with sweet cream cheese, bagels covered in smoked nova salmon, and bagels gooey with peanut butter. Bagels are a common food in the American diet. And while most people would enjoy a bagel from their local cafe or even simply their closest grocery store, there are some people who have a more specific taste when it comes to enjoying these wonderful goods.

A true bagel lover knows that you will undoubtedly find the best tasting bagel in New York. New York is known for having amazing food of all kinds. And while New York Pizza and street peanuts are definitely worth a try, the food that New York has perfected is definitely the bagel. There is a popular myth among bagel connoisseurs that the reason behind a New York bagel’s superiority is the water used.

Each state is known for its water. Some states, like Florida, is known for sulfur tasting water where states like New York is known for tasty water. According to the myth, the reason that New York water is better for bagel creation is because of its low concentrations of magnesium and calcium which makes it softer.

And while the water definitely does play a minor part in the superior taste of New York bagels, the true difference comes down to the way in which New York bagels are typically boiled. These bagels are typically shaped and left to sit for a few days prior to baking. This allows for a slower fermentation process. Afterward, the bagels are boiled in order to produce a chewier bagel and a thicker crust.