3 Underrated European cities you should visit

Two Red Dots
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When you think of Europe, you probably think of Paris, London and Rome, or other bigger cities that are more well known and well traveled. However, there are some small cities which shouldn’t go unnoticed that are also worth visiting. You’d be surprised how great they are! Visit Amsterdam, but Maastricht too.

On the southern part of the Netherlands there is a charming city called Maastricht. You can stay at the Loft51 and explore history town. One of the best things you’ll have to experience is the annual European Fine Art Fair.

If you’re in Lisbon, do not miss Porto. In northern Portugal, the city of Porto is a made of colorful cliffs and hilly streets lined with cable cars, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and hipster bars. The best part is that this city is incredible cheap!

Go to Copenhagen, but to Aarhus too! Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. Often overshadowed by its big sister, Copenhagen is a charming canal town. There you can find aRoS, one of Europe’s largest museums.

Many people do not think about traveling to small towns because they want to see the big foreign cities. but, oftentimes, when you travel to big cities, you already know what the city has to offer because you have seen or heard about it from friends. But traveling to the smaller cities leaves the unknown to be explored. So, enjoy these amazing little towns and next time you’ll think twice before traveling to big cities without wandering around a little more!