The Salton Sea is a fascinating destination

Two Red Dots
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Have you ever heard of the Salton Sea? It is a cool place for camping where you can be surrounded by amazing natural landscapes and do some bird-watching.

This fascinating place has a long history that can be seen by the landscape, years of weathering have transformed the sea.

It’s called the Salton Sea because is a salty sea that stretches from the Colorado Desert to southern California.

This sea has more salt than the Pacific Ocean, but less than the Great Salt Lake. Unfortunately today it looks like a wasteland, with a lot of pollution due to lack of environmental laws. But once, Families from all over used to spend their vacations there. It happened back in the 1960s, where the salton sea was once a beautiful place for families and celebrities to visit and vacation. At the time, glamorous stars like Frank Sinatra came to Salton’s shores. At the time, Salton was booming as a tourist spot, due to its natural beauty and influence stars like Sinatra gave it.

However, the lake was getting saltier and fish began to die and people stopped going on vacation there. The lake became so salty that life could no longer sustain in the lake. As a result, people stopped going there as much and it soon became a forgotten gem that was once well-visited and life sustainable. Now, many people do not travel to the sea and instead it is has become an unfortunate salty wasteland filled with trash and pollution.