The strangest place you will ever have a drink at

Two Red Dots
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When it comes to bars we were sure that we already saw everything; bars decorated as prisons or clinics, bars that fly above the city or inside the depths of a cave, bars with live music or ones that you have to be totally silent at. But this one bar was truly an original. The Baobab Tree Bar is in South Africa and can be found inside a real tree. That is right, inside it.

Baobabs are the widest tree species in the world, when they come of age and become 1,000 years old they’re starting to get hollow, so only the outer rim of the trunk remains, leaving the inside of the tree completely empty, which is why it made the perfect unique place to build a bar, something we think you would only find in South Africa.

The Sunland holiday retreat took this opportunity and found the biggest Baobab tree, known by the surprising name ‘Big Baobab’ (you didn’t see that one coming, right?), and built a complete bar inside, we guarantee you’ve never seen something like this before.

While you cannot smoke in it for obvious reasons, you will find, once you enter the cozy bar, draft beer, bar benches, and dartboard (It wouldn’t be a bar without one). The small space can accommodate a surprising number of 60 guests at a time, celebrating inside the world’s largest tree.

This might be a bit of a confusing experience if you are a tree hugger, but you will surely manage after a few drinks.