Sweden has the world’s most social cities

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Traveling is all about wandering in new places, getting in touch with new cultures and points of view and eventually, meeting new people. The best thing about traveling is being able to have an immersive experience in the culture first hand and being the judge of what you want to see and participate in.


If you are a real explorer, one of those who travels alone to fully absorb the place they are leaving to, these two Swedish cities will be perfect for you. On top of the list, Gothenburg.

According to a study based on the city’s social media use, face-to-face socializing, tolerance, openness, trust, and love of partying, this is the best destination in the world for social people. Here you can easily get new friends and go partying with them, because their screen time is much more limited than other countries. It is refreshing because you won’t find people looking down constantly at their phones like some other cities or countries in the world.


Not only that, the hostels of the city are cheap and offer all the amenities. Dorms beds start at $22 a night. Right after Gothenburg, there’s Stockholm. The city ranked only slightly lower than Gothenburg.

People there are social media savvy, tolerant and always know where to party. Even here, the hostels are pretty cheap and well kept. For example, Generator’s Stockholm is a designer hostel. The bars, lounges, cafe, and rooms are all designed with style and social media in mind. Dorm beds start at $25 a night.