Discover the little-known Gaudí buildings outside of Barcelona

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When in Barcelona, the thing on top of your to-do-list is visiting the breathtaking buildings created by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

Gaudí was an iconic architect, who lived from 1852 to 1926 and was well-respected for his typical Catalan Modernism architectural style. His work is inspired by nature and is very eye-catching and colorful.

Some of Gaudí’s most famous creations (such as La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, and the Sagrada Família can be found in Barcelona, Spain. But the architect has more work outside of the Spanish capital that are worth a visit. Located in Castilla y León and Cantabria, regions in northern Spain, you can find more of Gaudí’s masterpieces. Here are two buildings that are absolutely worth paying a visit to.

Casa Botines

This building, designed by Gaudí, is located in León and was inspired by the city’s Gothic Cathedral. The impressive structure was build in 1892 and took only ten months to finish. When visiting this Gaudí masterpiece don’t forget to take a picture of the statue above the doorway which portrays Sant Jordi and the dragon he has slain.

In 2017, Casa Botines opened its doors to the public for the first time in 125 years after being owned by the Caja España.

El Capricho

In Comillas, a town in the region of Cantabria, Gaudí has built El Capricho, also known as Villa Quijano. It is part of the architect’s ‘Oriental Stage’ because he got his inspiration from countries like India and Japan, but the structure also boasts Moorish Islamic art.

Nowadays, El Capricho is used as a museum.