A divine Israeli dish

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The whole world has heard (and enjoyed) Israeli staples like hummus and falafels. This article is about a delectable treat that may not be as widely known – the breakfast dish shakshuka (which you can actually enjoy at all hours of the day or night). Shakshuka consists of poached eggs and a hearty tomato sauce made with simple ingrediants like sweet peppers, onions, and garlic. Israelis add Middle Eastern spices such as cumin and serve the dish in a hot iron pan.

Israeli Bread – Hallah

Shakshuka is almost always eaten with a roll or slice of bread to dip in the sauce, tahini, and a small cucumber and tomato salad.

While most restaurants usually offer a standard dish of onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and eggs, you can also add grilled aubergine, feta cheese, and parsley.

Simple and Nourishing

There’s nothing really special about shakshuka. It’s a filling, simple, and healthy dish that not only Israelis love. It has become a staple in Israel – all cafes and restaurants offer it – but also in homes. Variations of the standard began popping up, and that’s where it gets really fun. The range of options is practically endless.

The secret is to make the sauce first and then poach the eggs in it. You can also have the shakshuka served inside soft, sweet bread known as challah. It’s also very Pinterest-friendly! You remove the inside of the bread and fill the hole with shakshuka so the bread gets mixed in the sauce.