The best places to eat in Rome if you are on a budget


Rome is an iconic city that is well-known for its amazing food. However, it can be hard to find places to eat that are reasonably priced, but there are ways around this. There are many great locations which are not on the usual tourist paths where the locals go.


Trapizzino is a famous pizza joint that was first started back in 2009 by Stefano Callegaro. There are now many branches all across the city, as well as new locations opening up in the likes of Japan and the United States. The Trapizzino is a pizza snack that is made of pizza dough which has been stuffed with traditional Italian dishes such as meatballs, chicken cacciatore and oxtail stew.

Pastificio Guerra

Pastificio Guerra is a small shop which will sell you fresh pasta located near to the Spanish Steps. They are always packed at lunchtime as the locals line up to get a takeaway portion. While there are not many choices, they only cost four euro and you can also get a glass of wine and as much water as you would want.  Definitely, this is one of the best valued places in all of Rome.

Ristorante Luzzi

Ristorante Luzzi is another favourite of the locals and it is very close to the Colosseum. It is a cheerful and cheap eating location with home cooked pasta dishes, as well as wood fire pizzas that only cost about five euro. It is always busy, especially when it is a nice day.