The best US train routes


What would you think if we told we were riding by train for transportation? Trains have dozens of advantages over more popular options like buses, planes, and cars. They offer plenty of sufficient space and move fast enough to not be bored by the scenery, yet slow enough to take it in. They traverse mountains, canyons and even deep forests which pass by the grass fields our forefathers used trod on horseback. They also get you to your destination a lot quicker than you would by car.

Here are three routes in the US you should cover by train.

The Grand Canyon Railway

This route will take you back in time. The trip starts in northern Arizona’s Ponderosa Pine Forest. As you set off to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, you will hear some local history and some songs. Staff even stage a mock train robbery. You don’t have to take part – just enjoy that high-desert scenery.

The White Pass

At the end of the 19th century, 100,000 people set out to grab a fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. Accordingly, railroads mushroomed to accommodate the hordes of miners. These railroads are still here! The tour to be on departs from Skagway and traverses 3,000 vertical feet past furious waterfalls and bottomless gulches. It’s breathtaking.

Cape Cod Central Railroad

This short tour takes passengers through sand dunes, salt marshes, cranberry bogs, and the remarkable Cape Cod Canal. Tracks were laid back in 1848 for the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company.