Here’s the Creepiest Hotel You Have Ever Seen

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

A Clown Motel could easily be one of the creepiest things you have ever seen. If you’re deathly afraid of clowns or even just slightly creeped out by them, these motels are definitely not the best place for you to be. The place is in a small city in the state of Nevada in the United States, called Tonopah, Nevada. It is a very small motel called The Clown Motel, which doesn’t sound very attractive to most people.

The Clown Motel is owned by Bob and Deborah Perchetti and has been up and running for about 20 years. There is a huge collection of clowns inside the motel from the really smiley ones to the super scary ones. But the clowns aren’t the only problem that makes this hotel super creepy; it is adjacent to the Tonopah Cemetery.

The location was in fact a mining town, and because of that,  there were many frequent deadly accidents. In a 10-year period, nearly about 300 people died and as a result, were buried at the cemetery. Among their causes of death were a plague and a mine erupted fire in 1911. Who knows maybe the place is haunted too given what spooky things keep happening…

Many guests have reported weird noises and unidentified footsteps. The Clown Motel appeared in one episode of Ghost Hunters, a television show. Host Zak investigated the motel while facing his fear of clowns. Despite all, the motel is always fully booked and draws the attention of many visitors.

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