Why Everyone is Enchanted By La Paz, Bolivia

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

On the surface, the Bolivian capital of La Paz seems noisy and crowded. However, you’d be surprised by what you find if you look a little deeper. A number of trendy cafes, fine dining venues, chic boutiques, and a dynamic art scene are leaving their mark, steadily transforming the capital into the coolest one on the continent.

The city’s burgeoning culinary scene is paving the way. This process began in 2013 when a fine dining venue by the name of Gustu opened. The establishment offers dishes made with local ingredients, which have earned it worldwide appeal and a place on the list of the best restaurants on the continent.


Gustu is far from the only player on the culinary scene. Another notable one is Ali Pacha, a relative newcomer, whose carefully designed vegan menu is becoming one of the most popular and renowned in South America.

Writer’s Coffee

Café culture may still be just starting out in Bolivia, but several trendy local venues are enjoying newfound success. One such venue is the very popular Writer’s Coffee, which caters to a mature, sophisticated, and classy audience. This academic-style café’s interior design features antique typewriters and other remnants of years past, while the baristas are unconventionally clad in fedoras.


But if that’s not your cup of tea, pay the millennial-targeted MagicK a visit – it features a vibrant interior with a multitude of colors and a delicious vegetarian menu. Occasionally, the cafe puts on performance art and music events, which are very popular with the city’s bohemian youth.

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