The Most Social Cities in America

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

In the US, there are plenty of big cities. You might be very surprised when you read which ones are the most socially friendly.

Chicago is by far one of the best U.S. cities for socializing, partying, as well as going out to get something to eat. Surprisingly enough, it’s not Miami, New York or Washington. Apparently, Chicago had the best food, drinks and it’s the place where people have much more fun than others.

While staying in Chicago, you should pick a fun, new, great hostel. We suggest The Holland, a designer hostel. The rooms are really cool and have all the comfort. On top of that, the hostel is known for the great bar and cafe it has where people meet up with new friends all the time and end up going out together! Dorms start at $44 a night.

Right after Chicago, there’s Boston. This city ranked right up there with Chicago as the city with the most people going out to eat, drink, and socialize. But why is Boston among the various American cities?

Apparently, it has a great combination of restaurants, iconic bars and a long school tradition.

If you are leaving for Boston you should stay at the HI Boston. What’s special about this place is not the rooms, but the outstanding social space. There’s a great bar to start your night and on top of that, the hostel is located right next to Boston Common and Chinatown. Dorms start at $44 a night.

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