Top 3 Unique Experiences in the Colombian Capital

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia, a city with a rich culture spreading over a savannah in the heart of the Andes. It has many amazing historic buildings, cultural sights, and a thriving economy.

There are many great reasons to visit this place. Here are the top 3 unique experiences you can have and cherish in Bogotá, Colombia.

Enjoy the Amazing View from Monserrate

The Monserrate, a mountain peak 10,341 feet above sea level, is a sacred place with a cathedral on its very top. It offers tourists spectacular views over the whole city. You can get there by train or cable car. If you’re an avid hiker, there’s also a path winding up to the very top, from where you can enjoy the city’s many landmarks, discover some gorgeous gardens, and visit the cathedral.

Visit the Gold Museum

Bogotá’s famous Gold Museum, located in the old town, is a unique historical center featuring over 55,000 gold pieces discovered in different parts of the territory that is Colombia today. The gold goes back many centuries. Many of the pieces are crafted or carved into figures, jewelry, or other objects by the indigenous peoples who populated the area. The museum displays information about these peoples, where they lived, and how they used the gold.

Travel Back in Time

The La Candelaria quarter of Bogota is literally a trip back in time. This is not a place to be missed if you’re a history buff. The cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and vast hills are unlike nothing one can imagine.

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