Stop and take in the beauty of Portugal

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Walking around a college campus, a mall, a nature trail, or really anywhere is something that people commonly do on a daily basis. However, have you ever really truly stopped to “smell the roses”, as they say? Well, if you just idly walk through life without taking in the environment around you, you may be missing out on some amazing things.

It is pretty easy to find art and inspiration from your surroundings.

Take the sunset for example. Have you ever just stopped to admire the beautiful pink and orange hues that encompass the evening sky?

Have you ever stopped to look at how the branches of a tree at a local park intertwine in order to create the typical form of a tree?

Have you ever looked out at your city’s landscape in awe at the many different buildings, lights, sizes, and structures?

Well, if you haven’t, maybe it’s time that you try it.  Finding beauty in nature will allow you to create a habit of looking for beautiful things, or positive things, in life.

This can ultimately translate to you being able to better yourself and your character by becoming a more optimistic person who appreciates the beauty around them.


There are so many hidden gems… so take these tips, and explore Portugal.

Portugal is an amazing place: Great weather, cheap prices, charming neighborhoods and natural spots to explore. Some of its locations are incredibly beautiful and these hidden gems, in particular, are breathtaking.

Serra da Estrela Mountains

In the center of the country, there are the Serra da Estrela Mountains.

It is Portugal’s highest mountain range and besides having a gorgeous view, it hosts the Burel factory, a production of very untraditional shepherd’s cloaks.

Parque Natural da Arràbida

Another amazing place is the Parque Natural da Arràbida, at the south of Lisbon. It is a beautiful park on the coast of the country, it’s perfect for a sunny day spent outdoors.


For a day of relaxing instead, we suggest the fishing town of Olhao, a sandy and laid-back village where you can chill on the beach and swim in clean waters.