EPCOT “Spaceship Earth” to shine as a “Beacon of Magic”

Starting on October 1st, Epcot will debut a “Beacon of Magic” or rather Spaceship Earth will become that beacon. Here is what to expect.

Earlier this week Walt Disney World News or WDWNews.com unveiled a first look image of what guests can expect when the sun goes down and the night sky shines above.

For those who do not know, Spaceship Earth is the giant ball that greets main entrance guests. It can be seen all over the park and driving around Disney properties. In recent years, SE would glow a light purple to blue but new lighting is going to bring more colors that are far richer in tones and give the impression of “twinkling stars”.

The news comes as Disney World and all other Disney parks and properties prepare for the launch of the 50th Anniversary year-long celebration on one October.

Guests will also be treated to a new fireworks display around the World Showcase Lagoon. Currently, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is going on and will run through November.

Epcot is one of Disney’s most visited theme parks and recently opened the new Ratatouille ride behind the France Pavilion. Sometime this year they will also open the Guardians of the Galaxy dark rollercoaster located where the old dinosaur ride use to be near Mission to Mars.

While the park remains a top draw, construction walls still line several concourses and the central hub also remains under construction as Disney reimagines the park.