Epcot France Pavilion expansion set to open on October 1st

A major change is coming soon to the France Pavilion at Disney’s Epcot Center. Opening on October 1st, the new look pavilion will be open for the public.

Epcot is introducing the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride that is sure to hit guests with long lines as the ride goes public. The France pavilion will blend a traditional real-world element with the fantastical “Paris” from the movie Ratatouille.

While the ride is going to be the headliner, a new counter and dine-in service restaurant will also debut with authentic French cuisine. La Creperie de Paris will host a menu from celebrity chef, Jerome Bocuse.

The expansion will be huge, according to a Disney press release. “Almost double the current size of the France Pavilion”. Guests will stroll through he current pavilion, a realistic version of France, through a waterside path that will take them under an “art nouveau archway” that will lead them to a French market, Allee des Marchands.

It is here that the French pavilion is transformed from the more realistic original pavilion into the fantastical world from Ratatouille. Disney Imagineers worked closely with the Pixar crews to develop the expansion and bring Ratatouille to life.


Remmy topiary greets guests at the entrance to the France pavilion at Epcot

This is the first major expansion to one of the parks World Showcase pavilions. France stands tall on the corner of the showcase just over the bridge from the United Kingdom pavilion. It is easily seen from the gondolas that provide back side access to the park from International Gateway entrance.

To the other side, neighboring Morocco awaits for guests.

Needless to say, the France pavilion and the new addition will be a popular guest attraction for the coming months and it may be better to get to the pavilion early in the day before crowds begin to peak.