Pokémon Wonder is a limited time safari destination in Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN - 2020/08/17: Pikachu toys seen displayed inside a Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo department shopping mall. (Photo by James Matsumoto/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
TOKYO, JAPAN - 2020/08/17: Pikachu toys seen displayed inside a Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo department shopping mall. (Photo by James Matsumoto/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

One of the biggest multimedia phenomenons in the world is Pokémon. It has proven to be a huge success in pretty much every avenue it’s adapted to. And now that has extended to the real world at Pokémon Wonder in Tokyo.

A limited-time event, this forest theme park has multiple Pokémon hidden throughout it. Essentially it has become a real-life game of Pokémon Go. But if you’re so inclined, you’ll need to get out there sooner rather than later.

Pokémon Wonder is a unique attraction

In the world of Pokémon, there are a variety of places to collect ’em all. Different types of these adorable creatures live in different habitats. That includes wooded areas filled with vegetation such as the Safari Zone.

Tokyo, Pokemon Wonder
TOKYO, JAPAN – DECEMBER 23: Mount Fuji is seen behind the city skyline at dusk on December 23, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced 748 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus today as infections continue to fluctuate nationwide. To date, Japan has recorded 203,732 infections, 2,877 and 169,186 recoveries from the virus. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images) /

Well, the forest in Inagi behind Yomiuriland has been transformed into a real-life version of the Safari Zone. And there are even Pokémon there, waiting to be discovered in Pokémon Wonder. In this case, the goal is just to find them rather than catch them.

There are 50 Pokémon in total, each one made from organic materials. They are spread out among three separate areas around the 4,500-square-meter section of forest, Ancient Stone Wall, Wonder Field, and Whispering Bamboo Grove.

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But the difficulty level has been turned up a bit. The colors of the 50 Pokémon types have been changed a little, making them blend into the background a bit more. That just makes them a lot more challenging to find, increasing the fun factor.

Yomiuriland has a lot to offer, too

While Pokémon Wonder looks interesting, it is right behind Yomiuriland, a popular Japanese theme park. In operation since 1964, Yomuriland is located within the massive and populous greater Tokyo region, making it a prime destination for visitors.

Like most theme and amusement parks, it has several internal areas. Each one of them has its own shops, places to eat, and attractions. The park overall has several rides to enjoy, including a selection of rollercoasters.

In addition to that, there are a variety of other rides for patrons of all ages. And there is an entire water-themed area called Water Amusement Island in case you need to cool off. Plus, there is also a selection of carnival midway-styled games if you want to switch gears.

The essential point is that Pokémon Wonder is going to be a big draw for Yomiuriland but there are more reasons to hit up the park. It’s an interesting experience for visitors who stop by this place as some things will be familiar while others will come with a bit of culture shock.

Planning your trip to Tokyo

The first thing to keep in mind about Pokémon Wonder is that it is currently scheduled to be a limited-time engagement. It opens to the public on July 17, 2021, and shuts down on April 3, 2022. For those keeping track, that’s less than a year to make your way there.

Tokyo, Pokemon Wonder
TOKYO, JAPAN – APRIL 21: The Shinjuku skyline (R) looms over the New National Stadium, the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympics, on April 21, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese government is expected to impose a third state of emergency in Tokyo soon amid an increase in cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in what experts have said is the fourth wave of the virus to hit the country. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has stated that any declaration would not affect the hosting of the Olympics which are now only three months away. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images) /

Honestly, that’s not a lot of time when you consider having to manage pandemic restrictions as well as an increase in demand. Some pandemic-related tourism restrictions are starting to lift, meaning that there will be more people traveling.

But don’t be deterred by that. If you can make it work and are a fan of Pokémon, this looks like it will certainly be worth the effort. On top of that, traveling to Tokyo and Japan, in general, is always a good idea even if you’re not stopping by this specific experience.

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Pokémon Wonder seems like it will be a very different experience from others offered by Yomiuriland and other comparable theme parks. It’s a good reason to head to Japan for a bit different attraction than you will find anywhere else.