This Airbnb experience is all about finding your Zen in Puerto Rico

Whether you are looking for a place to stay or things to do when you get where you are going, Airbnb has us covered. And that includes helping us find our Zen (no matter where we are in the world).

If you happen to be visiting Puerto Rico, you may want to check out this experience from Airbnb which is part of their Naturally Zen curated wishlist. Not only is this experience all about finding your Zen, but it is also on the beach – seems like a win-win for any vacation!

So what is this experience from Airbnb? It is Aerial Yoga on the Beach of course.

For this curated Airbnb experience, we head to Rincon, Puerto Rico

Hosted in both English and Spanish, this experience is 60 minutes of instruction in the art of aerial yoga. And for those of us newer to this type of yoga, the instructor will go over safety tips and what all of the aerial yoga equipment is.

Each session is limited to three people, so if you have ever wanted to learn aerial yoga, but didn’t want to be part of a large crowd, this is an amazing opportunity, because the experience is limited to three people per session! At $39 per person, this is an affordable experience that really will take your Puerto Rico vacation to the next level.

According to the experiences page on Airbnb, “You will be guided through various warm-ups, poses and sequences influenced by yoga, pilates, dance, and gymnastics. Included are slow, deep, opening stretches.” So not only is this something different to do on your vacation, but it is also perfect for achieving some Zen while you are away from home.

Honestly, they had us at Zen, but they sold it with the one-on-one lessons on a beach. And considering all the great reviews for this experience and the host of the lessons, it looks like Airbnb knew what it was doing when it added this to their Naturally Zen Wishlist.

What do you think trippers? Is this an experience you would take part in on vacation? Do you think Aerial Yoga on the Beach is an exciting or Zen way to spend an hour? Let us know in the comments below.