5 spots you definitely have to check out in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, or Marrakech, is a city of the imagination. It has been depicted in various movies and TV series as a place of spies, filled with mystery and intrigue. And for all anyone knows, that might be true but there’s more to Marrakesh than that for regular travelers.

Morocco in general is a country of rich history and culture, Marrakesh even more so. Spending time here can be an engaging experience for even the most seasoned traveler. And it’s one with no shortage of ways to enjoy a trip.

View the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Marrakesh, Morocco

MARRAKECH, MOROCCO – MARCH 12: Local women and tourists are walking through the souvenir shop lane of the souks on March 12, 2020 in Marrakech, Morocco. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

At first glance, it might seem odd that there’s a museum devoted to the famed fashion designer in Marrakesh of all places. The reason for this is quite simple as the late designer was reputedly a huge fan of the city, and spent as much time there as possible.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh contains multiple permanent and temporary exhibits. Additionally, the architecture and the grounds themselves are more than worth taking in, as are the café and bookstore.

Hit up the Souk Semmarine

Some have referred to this part of Marrakesh as the heartbeat of the city itself. Others have said if you are only in town for a short period of time, spend it in Souk Semmarine. It’s not hard to see why visitors feel that way.

This massive market is filled with everything and anything one could think of. If you’re looking for a true memento that exemplifies your time in this unique city, you will find it here. Just be prepared for some haggling as that’s the name of the game.

Swing by the Mellah of Marrakesh

Like many cities in this part of the world, Marrakesh had a Jewish Quarter. And at one point, the Mellah was the second largest of its kind in the country. While it is has become a much different place over the years, it’s historic importance has not diminished.

Much of this history had been lost until 2016 when King Mohamed VI began a process of restoring the Jewish heritage of the neighborhood. This included returning the former street names as well as beginning a comprehensive restoration process.

Wander the Majorelle Gardens

Marrakesh, Morocco

MARRAKECH, MOROCCO – MARCH 11: The Jardin Majorelle, the blue gardens of Yves Saint Laurent on March 11, 2020 in Marrakech, Morocco. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

There are gardens, and then there’s the Marjorelle Gardens in Marrakesh. French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle spend almost forty years working on this massive project starting in 1923. And French architect Paul Sinoir added a Cubist villa part way through the process.

Technically referred to as a botanical garden, this is more of a living landscape art project than anything else. It’s an exceedingly unique experience to say the least, particularly in Marrakesh. It removes you from the larger city without leaving it.

Take it all in at Café du Livre

Hiding in plain sight in the courtyard of the stunning Hotel Toulousain, the Café du Livre is a marvelous place to drink in the Marrakesh experience. It’s also the perfect place to drink in a beer with a wonderful meal.

But what sets this place apart are the 2000+ books on their shelves. Read them. Borrow them. Buy them. What matters is that this spot offers a marvelous place to relax after a long day of seeing this historic and historic town.