5 places that should be in your itinerary during your trip to Assam

Assam has a rich history, and its mention is in the Mahabharata as Pragjyotisha. The inscription about Assam is in Samudragupta’s Allahabad stone pillar from the fourth century CE, where it’s called Kamarupa. It has more information about Samudragupta’s empire, but one thing is true that Assam is astonishing, and if you love nature or want a serene experience, then this should be on your travel list. Every location in India has a rich history and a culinary experience added to it. There is a saying in India, ‘Kos Kos par paani badle, chaar kos par baani,’ which translates to ‘Water changes every 18 miles, and language changes every 72 miles.’

The phrase truly represents the diversity of India as there are various languages, food dishes, dressing style, worship, beliefs and other aspects. India stands united despite its diversity and values every religion and faith, and it is this difference of language that makes the journey across the country all the more fruitful.

The beauty of India lies in the variety of places one can find during the travel inside the country. The beautiful experience of the lush greenery and the calm nature in Assam is enough to make you fall in love with the location. If this is your first trip to Assam, you can always explore the places mentioned in the article, and in case you have some other places you would want us to talk about, chime in. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:


KAZIRANGA, INDIA – APRIL 13: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit Pan Bari Village in the Kaziranga National Park, meet villagers, look at a traditional weaving loom and and walk through a tea garden in Pan Bari Village on April 13, 2016 in Kaziranga, India. (Photo by James Whatling – Pool/Getty Images)

Rhinoceros are an amazing species, but one-horned rhinoceros are even rarer. Kaziranga National Park has two-third of the world’s population of one-horned rhinoceros that are rare to find. It is a preserved location and is home to an enormous number of Royal Bengal Tigers. If you thought your adventure journey ends with just these two species, wait till we tell you that it has flying squirrels, swamp deer, civets, sloth bears and Bengal foxes, among a host of other animals.

No trip to a location is complete without knowing about the wildlife, and as this is a preserved site so you should visit it. There is a possibility you may encounter other species as well, and they make your trip to the location even more memorable. After all, what’s better than getting more than what you expected at no additional charge, especially when it concerns exploring a region’s wildlife.

Majuli Island

It is the largest riverine island and has a history that dates back to the most valuable Satras established by Sankardeva and Madhavdev. Spread over an area of 452 sq. km., most of the island gets submerged during monsoons. It leaves some of the bigger islands, Kamalabari, Auniati, and Garamur, on the surface for the visitors.

It’s May, and this is the perfect time to visit this island. Due to the ongoing pandemic, a visit to the island seems impossible, but one can always keep it in their itinerary so that they have a place to visit during their next trip to Assam.


Kakochang Waterfalls

Located close to the Kaziranga National Park, this waterfall takes your breath away. The shutterbugs find this place as one of the picturesque places across Assam, and rightfully so. Surrounded by tea plantations and the ruins of Numaligarh, this place gives you a moment of bliss.

If you want to experience the sound of nature, then close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water coming down and hitting the rocks at the bottom. The water that touches your face as the water hits bottom brings serenity to mind, and this place feels tranquil.

Tocklai Tea Research Centre

After feeling the beauty of nature, it’s about time to sip something that brings the same feeling to the body. Founded in 1911, this is the oldest tea research centre in the world. Every research about tea happens here day in and out so that people can enjoy their snacks with their favourite cup of tea.

The look at the people around carrying a bunch of tea leaves and you enjoying a sip of the tea in your cup as the sun slowly shows up and you feel the evening or morning on your face is pure bliss. Can there be anything more soothing than to first experience nature and then enjoy another aromatic beverage.


It is an administrative district that has historical importance. The flora and the fauna of the location will mesmerize you and leave you in awe. It has its reference in Mahabharata, and you can witness some spots that help you understand its religious and historical importance.

It has lush greenery for you to witness and provides you with a moment that makes you fall in love with the beauty of nature. There is nothing like the grandeur level of mastery done by the most humbling and beautiful things around us.