5 places to visit in Ooty, India during your travel to or within India

Mohammedans walking on the Ooty Road in Tamil Nadu, India, circa 1929. (Photo by E. O. Hoppe/Getty Images)
Mohammedans walking on the Ooty Road in Tamil Nadu, India, circa 1929. (Photo by E. O. Hoppe/Getty Images) /

Udagamandalam is the best place for anyone that plans to spend some time in the lap of nature while enjoying their favorite snack or sip their favorite beverage. If you wonder which place is it, then it is the beautiful place called Ooty, India whose real name is Udagamandalam, but it is also called Ootacamund or Udhagai.

Located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu and the Nilgiri Hills, the place soothes your mind and brings a feeling of oneness with yourself. If feeling divine had a visual representation, then Ooty has the right imagery to confirm it.

The place is not just a hill station, but a place where you can enjoy nature and the art and craft of the location. It is undeniable that every place in the world has its own best options where you can dine, enjoy the local flavor, look at the rich history and do some adventure that you would have never thought of before. Ooty has its places of visit, and we cover five of the preferred choices, but these aren’t the only ones because it has various locations that will serene you and bring the kid out in some other places. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:

Ooty Lake

If you plan on boating in Ooty, then this would be your go-to location. It is known for its fishing and built for the same reason. The lake has a boathouse near the lake where you can hire a boat when you need it, and if you don’t like boating, the place has other options for you.

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Cycling is another option that is a better and healthier choice because you can flex your muscles and test your speed while trying to compete against your loved ones. You can go on a sweet ride across the shore, which will fill you with bliss and memories that last a lifetime.

Doddabetta Peak

If you like trekking or want to view the place with its flora and fauna, this is your place to be in Ooty. Located at an altitude of 2623 meters, this is the highest peak in the Nilgiris. If you reach the top, you will be in awe of the picturesque view of the location as it is mesmerizing.

The telescope house at the peak has two telescopes that help you witness a view that will leave you in a moment of love with nature and the creator that has given us such beautiful places to live. The imagery is captivating, and you may lose yourself while praising the beauty of the location.

Ooty Rose Garden

Love flowers, and especially roses? We bet you do because the flowers are such an integral part of our life, and we like to use them to share our emotions with everyone. Remember the day when you asked your girl out for the first time and gave her a beautiful rose to make the evening and her feel special.

Well, at Ooty Rose Garden, we have your favorite flower spread in an area of 4 hectares with over twenty thousand varieties of roses. Now, that’s enough to make anyone feel special, and nature has its way of making you fall for it.

Ooty Stone House

People will talk about the Ooty Toy Train or the Pykara Waterfalls, but we want to talk about something that is the heart and soul of this place, and that is the Ooty Stone House. It is the first bungalow built in the area back in 1822.

Also called Kal Bungalow, the house is known for its rich history, purchased from the Toda people of the area. The house stands intact, and people come over to see this house as they move towards St. Stephens Church.

Wax World

You would have heard about the wax museums across the world, but did you know that Ooty also has its own Wax World. It is a place to see the statues of some of India’s best and brightest minds together.

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We have the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mother Teresa, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, and former president of India, Late Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, along with a lot of other names. If you want to learn about the local people and their living styles, this place should be on your itinerary.