Here’s what you need to know about Shani Shignapur open door policy

India is the land of some ancient history and civilizations that date back to the Vedic era. The country is known for stories, like this one about Shani Shignapur, that form the base of a lot of places and their origin. Banaras or Varanasi has a story that appeases the one who believes that there is someone or some superpower above us that runs the world.

Lord Shiva is considered the creator, caretaker, and destroyer of the world, and people believe in him. In the same way, there is a place called Shani Shingnapur that has a history and a story that tells about why it has not had locks or doors for a long time.

As we said, India has some stories that will fascinate your imagination and also belief because there are so many things that happen in the places of worship. Now, before we get to the story, let’s understand a few things, and one of them is that when The Lord decides to show up at a specific place on his own in the form of an idol, then it is considered swayambhu.

Shani Shingnapur is known for the same form of a story, and as we all have dreams, some people do have the opportunity or the grace of The Lord where he shows up in them to give them directions. So now, let’s get to the story that is said for ages and is passed down generation after generation, and if you plan to visit it, it’s in the Nevasa Tehsil of Ahmednagar, Maharasthra:


The word goes that there was a shepherd who saw a swayambhu stone, and he decided to prick it with a pointed rod. The moment he did it, blood started coming out of it, and the people from the local area came over to see this unusual situation. The belief goes that The Lord Shanaishwara showed up in some of his devoted shepherds’ dreams.

The Lord gave his introduction as Shaneeshwara. When the shepherds’ asked for a temple in his name with a roof on top, he denied a roof. He did ask for his devotees to do his prayers daily and a Tailabhisheka every Saturday without fail.

Shaneeshwara also promised that the hamlet would not have any burglaries, thieves or any robbery. It is due to this that there are no doors or locks in any house. Even the government post office follows the rule. It is a place of worship for all those that have any problems with Saturn. People from all walks of life can come here and offer their prayers to Lord Shani. The bank in the area also has a no-door policy. They have kept other measures to ensure the safety of people’s belongings and their documents.


If you like to explore the history of the location or go on a pilgrimage, then a trip to Sai Samadhi Mandir will bring a sense of peace to the mind and soothe the soul. Have you heard of the Taj Mahal? Well, let’s introduce you to another replica of this wonder of the world called Bibi Ka Maqbara. Shah Jahan’s son Aurangzeb built it and as a rival to the Taj Mahal. One can see the drastic similarities between the two structures.

Shani Shingnapur also hosts lip-smacking culinary and variou

A stone sculpture of the Buddha begging for alms in the Ajanta caves, in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra, India, 1940s. They date from the 2nd century BCE. (Photo by Dinodia Photos/Getty Images)

s other places worth your travel in Shahganj Masjid, Daulatabad Fort and Salim Ali Lake, to name a few. If you like arts and craft, then the striking beauty of the art and paint done by the people of Shani Shignapur will leave you in awe of their work.

Travel to Shani Shignapur ensures that you learn about the religious and cultural history and dive into the art and craft of the location. The best part is that as India welcomes its tourists with the ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ (Visitor is God) belief, the open doors at Shani Shignapur quantify that belief of Indian culture.