5 National Parks in England you should definitely explore

England is one of the most popular places in the world for travelers under normal conditions. There are a lot of reasons for that, particularly the vibrant arts, culture and food scenes you’ll find in the amazing cities in this country.

But it’s also important to get outside of those same cities, and explore the natural beauty England has to offer. There are several marvelous National Parks that you should plan to spend time in. This is a gorgeous country from any angle.

Peak District National Park

Established in 1951, Peak District National Park has been inhabited for thousands of years. There are the standard things to do, like camping, hiking and cycling. But there are also some great spots for both climbing and caving.

There are several villages in the park as well, including Hartington, each with their own special hikes. An odd fact is that there used to be a feral population of red-necked wallabies from Australia in the region, though many believe them to be extinct at this point.

Dartmoor National Park


ASHBOURNE, ENGLAND – MARCH 29: A man admires the view from Thor’s Cave on March 29, 2021 in Ashbourne, England. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

When it comes to natural beauty, Dartmoor National Park takes the cake in England. Wild ponies roam the land, which is made up of forests, rivers, wetlands and rock formations. It’s also home to Neolithic tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and a variety of abandoned medieval farmhouses.

But part of what makes this region so interesting is the extensive mythology that surrounds it. Many landmarks have ancient legends and ghost stories associated with them. There have been tales of pixies, headless horseman and a pack of spectral hounds. Keep your eyes open.

Lake District National Park

Sometimes a park delivers exactly what the name problems, which is certainly the case with Lake District National Park. The rugged fell mountains frame several glacial ribbon lakes as well as a series of scenic market towns. This is the England you dream about.

The park is in the northern part of the country, and extends from the central regions all the way to the coast. It will give you a taste of the diverse range of environments that England has, and it’s more than worth the time to explore.

Exmoor National Park


LEEK- NOVEMBER 06: A man is seen at the Roaches in the Peak District on November 06, 2020 in Leek, Staffordshire . (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

Made up of hilly open moorland, Exmoor National Park is one of the more unique parks in England. There are multiple archaeological and anthropological sites that are fantastic to see. On top of that, it has some incredible environments, such as ancient woodland and blanket mire.

The park plays home to an endangered breed of wild ponies as well as various sheep species. Red Deer also occupy parts of Exmoor. But it’s a great spot for birding, with many species of songbirds, predatory birds and more to view.

Northumberland National Park

While this might seem kind of surprising, Northumberland National Park is reputedly one of the least visited parks in the country. Given the nature of the park, it seems like more people should be stopping by this interesting spot.

It contains Hadrian’s Wall, which is a landmark of incredible historical importance. On top of that, Northumberland has Dark Sky Park status, making it the largest protected park of its kind in Europe. It’s a place to experience the beauty around you on a number of levels.