Packing Essentials: What to pack for your next road trip

Two people on a motorcycle at sunset travel on the rural roads of Matalgalpa, Nicaragua (Photo by Epics/Getty Images)
Two people on a motorcycle at sunset travel on the rural roads of Matalgalpa, Nicaragua (Photo by Epics/Getty Images) /

If you’re like me, then you’re definitely a massive fan of a good road trip. Whether it’s the endless views out the car window or the joy of picking out a snack at a rest stop/gas station, I just love every part of it. Believe it or not, sometimes packing for a road trip can be quite different than packing for a trip via airplane.

Let’s pack.

Whether you’re looking to plan a road trip, already have one planned, or are just curious, then this list is for you because we will be going over the top five road trip packing essentials, from stuff to use in the car, and even other places as well. Let’s dive in!

Where are YOU headed for your next road trip? Leave some ideas down below, and let’s talk all-things packing essentials!

1. Travel Pillow

Travel pillows can make a plane ride more comfortable, but have you ever used one on a road trip? Life-changing, let me tell you. It’s comfy, easy to pack and store, and definitely customizable, and literally available anywhere (sometimes even at rest-stops and gas stations). If you’re not a fan of the traditional travel pillows with the neck slots, then maybe opt for a classic pillow from home to prop up against the window: we’ve all been there and seen that, so we don’t judge.

You can buy travel pillows anywhere, so be sure to check some fun patterns out on Amazon as well!

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2. Flashlight

Sometimes you may take a road trip at night, or be driving somewhere on that road trip at night. Things happen, and sometimes you may find yourselves in a situation that may be scary; whether you’re stranded somewhere or dropped your phone in between the crack of the seats, a flashlight is definitely necessary (also a good thing to have in a hotel room if you’re trying to get around while others are asleep).

You can buy a flashlight anywhere you can think of, so be sure to stock on up!

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3. Phone Chargers/USB

This particular item is necessary for road trips, plane trips, or even just simply getting by day-to-day in the comfort of your own homes; however, normally road trips are long in the car, so make sure that you have some form to charge your phone(s): car charger ports, portable chargers, adapters, etc. You name it, you’ll probably need it.

You can buy a spare phone charger to keep in your car at the next rest stop/gas station!

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4. Camera

This one’s obvious here. Everyone takes little mini stops that are sometimes unplanned. Why not document that with a photo, right? In other words, whether it’s your phone camera, a digital camera, a film camera, a polaroid camera, just be sure to capture every moment of every road trip vacation: you certainly won’t want to miss any of it!

You can a new polaroid camera at Target, Amazon, or any other camera-related store as well!

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5. A Great Playlist

Okay….come on, people. Let’s talk for a few moments on just how important having great music is on a long, beautiful road trip. No music, no fun. No fun? Then the road trip lasts forever and you just want it to be over. How about this? Let’s all promise to make a playlist so fire that you want the road trip to continue on another hundred plus miles! Deal? I think so!

You can make amazing road trip playlists or use someone else’s on many music-sharing venues! Rock on!

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What do you think of these Roadtrip packing essentials? Do you already use any of these? Let us know what works and what doesn’t for you! Happy (safe) traveling always!