CDC lifts some travel restrictions but it comes with a catch

The CDC has released new domestic travel restrictions guidelines and some people are now free to move around the country. Others? Not so much.

While there are rumors that have been circulating of late that theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios may begin looking into the vaccination passport option for entry into the parks, the CDC has kept most of the U.S. travel restrictions in place. Now, we are starting to see some of those restrictions lifted.

According to reports, the CDC is opening up the country to those who have been vaccinated. Part of this would eliminate the need to pre-test before boarding, would lift many of the self-quarantine periods that many states and locations require upon entry. It would be as close to a return to normal as we have seen since March of 2020.

While the restrictions are being lifted, the CDC and the health departments are still asking for social distancing, wearing masks when in public and needed, as well as a caution that travel should only be on a necessary level and limiting non-essential travel.

The CDC, earlier today, updated their website to show data trends. In order to be considered vaccinated, a person must be two weeks removed from their final vaccination.

While vaccinations continue to grow across the country, COVID cases still continue to rise around the nation but at least for now, they seem to be less taxing on the country’s health workers.

This is the first step in a return to normal living and with travel options being opened up, maybe we start to get closer to the next steps in the process.