5 interesting things you have to do in and around Stockholm

SWEDEN - STOCKHOLM - OCTOBER 26: Skeppsholmen Bridge in the city center with the Royal Golden Crown during an "Around Stockholm Feature" on October 26, 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michel Setboun/Getty Images)
SWEDEN - STOCKHOLM - OCTOBER 26: Skeppsholmen Bridge in the city center with the Royal Golden Crown during an "Around Stockholm Feature" on October 26, 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michel Setboun/Getty Images) /

Stockholm is the biggest city in Sweden as well as the country’s capital. But being big and being the capital aren’t what makes this such an amazing place to visit. It’s everything else that makes Stockholm so special.

This is a place filled arts, culture, music, food, history and so much more. It’s not the biggest city in Europe by far but it is still one that inspires the imagination of travelers from around the world for good reason.

Walk through Gamla Stan

STOKHOLM- SWEDEN – DECEMBER 4: At the Stortorget in the Old Town, the square is almost empty on December 4, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. Usually this time at year there is a Christmas market and the square is full of tourists. However, due to the new COVID-19 restrictions regarding avoiding large crowds, the Christmas market has been canceled for the first time since it started. Over 7,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Sweden, giving the country of 10.2 million one of Europe’s highest death rates per capita. (Photo by Jonas Gratzer/Getty Images) /

History in Europe can be a lot to take in, especially in Stockholm. The Old Town neighborhood of Gamla Stan dates back to 1252. What sets it apart is how well preserved the area is, giving visitors a very real window into old school Stockholm.

Just walking around the colorful neighborhood is a superb way to kill a day. There are tons of historic buildings and amazing architecture, not to mention a wide assortment of restaurants to choose from. It the kind of neighborhood you can lose yourself in.

Take a boat tour of Stockholm

Stockholm is just off the Baltic Sea, meaning that the open water is a big part of life there. Various, rivers, canals and islands are a huge component of the city. As such, getting on a boat and taking a tour is a great way to experience it.

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There are so many unique views that can only be seen from boat tours. And there are numerous tours to choose from. Different companies offer a variety of tours to see an incredible selection of sights. It seems like a really touristy thing to do but it’s more than worth it.

Go to ABBA The Museum

For a lot of people, the only thing they know about Sweden is the iconic band ABBA. They absolutely owned the worldwide music charts from 1974 to 1983. And their popularity has continued in a variety of forms since then.

If you’re an ABBA fan and you’re in Stockholm, you have to stop by ABBA The Museum. It features a variety of displays and collections related to the band. For casual and super fans alike, this is a must stop venue in the city.

The Stockholm Metro Art Gallery

Stockholm, Sweden
The Strandvagen seen from Skansen, in Stockholm. The main church towers, seen from right to left, are: O Skars Kyrka, Engelbrekts Kirka, Elieonora Kyrka, Johannes Kyrka, 19th century. (Photo by CM Dixon/Print Collector/Getty Images) /

Like many larger cities, Stockholm has an excellent mass transit system that features an impressive subway system. But like most other things in Sweden, this subway system is anything but straight forward. It fact, it might be the nicest around.

Out of 110 stations in the system, 90 of them have been converted into art galleries. Each one of them has been painted in it’s own unique style by different artists. It’s an experience to spend time just riding the rails and checking out this massive city-wide gallery.

Wander through Victoriahuset

History is something that Stockholm seems to strive to protect, and they have done an excellent job of it. Nowhere is that more evident than in Victoriahuset, an 18th Victorian botanical garden that is still in operation.

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Inside Victoriahuset, you will find lush greenery that sooths the soul. But the main species it was designed for are the Victoria Lilies. These massive lily pads are the largest in the world, and are certainly an impressive sight to see.