Whataburger closure in Jacksonville, Fl. leaves one off I95

Sometimes, food and travel mix very well and sometimes, you just have to yell it out when something changes. At Whataburger, a closure off I 95 in Jacksonville, Florida is something you need to be aware of.

For years I have traveled north and south through Jacksonville, Florida and each of those trips tend to create a special meal stop at Whataburger. For many years now that stop has been at the University Drive location which is a quick stop off the interstate and quick jump back on.

Since Whataburger serves breakfast every day of the week until 11:00 and lunch and dinner items all day long, it’s a perfect spot to eat at. My wife discovered the chain when we lived in Rockwall, Texas and their “Breakfast on a Bun” with sausage and ketchup was her to go to food during her pregnancy with our son. Nowadays, she still craves the sandwhich.

With the location now closed we found ourselves scrambling for another location and were thrilled to find another one located a short 2.4 miles from the University location. You will need to get to Phillips Highway but don’t worry, it is easier than finding the closed store.

Phillips Hwy location set to pick up the slack after another closes. Photo by Brian Miller

To get here, get off on the Butler Dr. exit and head west. You will see a few fast food restaraunts on your left about 1/2 mile away from I95. You can dart behind them on the access road and you will run right into the Phillips Hwy location or you can go to the light, turn left, and loop around at the turn after you pass it.

Regardless, it is very easy to find and made all of us quite happy. The only other location is around 24 miles off 95 towards the beach just north of downtown. Whataburger is a fast food joint that really doesnt’ taste so “fast food”. Do yourself a “flavor” and the next time you are traveling through Jacksonville, make a point to stop. Especially for breakfast. The jalapeno bisquits are almost as good as the counter service and staff.