Review: SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival, is it worth it?

SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival. Photo by Brian Miller
SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival. Photo by Brian Miller /
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One of the 7 Seas Food Festival kiosks at SeaWorld in Orlando. Photo by Brian Miller
One of the 7 Seas Food Festival kiosks at SeaWorld in Orlando. Photo by Brian Miller /

The Kiosks as noted at the SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival are spread through the park. There are a map and booklet you can pick up for free that has the menu of each kiosk and their locations.

One of the issues that I have with the kiosks is they are not easily found. Some are located within normal operating buildings like the Flamecraft Bar which also has a restaurant attached. The other issue I have is that while there are 26 locations for the event, many of them are drinks only, and the offerings there are not very good or they don’t offer a good variety. If you are looking to complete the tour with a sampling from each, you will find yourself skipping more than a few. Or wishing you had.

On the other hand, most are easily found and the wait times are not bad at most locations. Social distancing requirements make them seem a lot longer than the actual wait time but there are some that will seem like an eternity and there is a reason for that.

Some of the staff are not very friendly and more than a few appear to be pretty lazy as well in how they approach their job. It is not very welcoming when they are moving at a snail’s pace and there were a couple of locations that I wish they had taken a better approach to vetting their employees.

With a long line behind them, the cash register worker was behind the cooks chatting it up and a few customers left the line completely while I finally asked if we needed to order from the actual counter. I was met with a sigh and a “just a minute”.  In other cases, we were met with no so much as a smile or a hello. Again that wasn’t at all of them but a few. Most of the time, you couldn’t find a reason to complain as the staff was polite and welcoming and when necessary overly apologetic for any waits.

If there was a bad side to the locations of the kiosks however it would be how they were set up. You could find a bunch close together and then have to search them out on your own. There are five located on the other side of Sesame Street land near the arctic animal exhibit. You would either have to walk back through Sesame Street or take a long walk around the main stage that brought you closer to the park entrance.

That wouldn’t be a huge issue but these could have been spread out more. There are no kiosks in the Key West area of the park at all. Seems like a big missed opportunity to get people to explore the whole park for flavor options.