The China Pavilion at Epcot is the best of the World Showcase

China's architectures are brilliantly done in a more traditional fashion than some of the other countries.
China's architectures are brilliantly done in a more traditional fashion than some of the other countries. /

Drift past Norway or cross the bridge from the trader’s corner of Epcot’s World Showcase and you will find the China Pavilion. Not that you can miss it. It is probably the most beautiful pavilion in all of the World Showcase countries.

China is a beautiful country in the real world but at Epcot, the traditions of China are brought to Disney for you. Meticulous detail in the structures is hard not to admire. You are greeted by the Paifang gate when you arrive at the pavilion. It sits in front of the large temple with a round blue roof.

In front of the Temple of Heaven, you will find a water garden where a green Buddha is hidden in the foliage. Watch for it to appear from below the surface of the water and then sink back into the water. Follow the pathway on the right and meet Disney Princess, Mulan.

Inside, Reflections of China, a 360-degree film about the country awaits you. It is currently being refurbished but inside the temple, you can visit the temporary display of Shanghai Disney and get a look at the differences between the American parks and the China parks. Sadly, the replica of the terra cotta army is no longer on display.

If food is your desire, there are three places to eat in China. A sit down higher-end restaurant, called the Nine Dragons, a counter service restaurant called the Lotus Blossom, and depending on the time of year, a food kiosk outside the gate along the waterfront. It is here too that you will find a tea kiosk to fill your beverage needs.

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The entertainment here is some of the best in all of Epcot. Dragon Legend acrobats perform in front of the water gardens and are incredible, can’t miss act.

Shopping in China is also top-notch with incredibly decent prices. Carved Chinese chess boards and replica sword sets are available although the swords can not be taken out of the park, they will send them to your home address.

Traditional Chinese market fare is also available as are many other clothing items and memorabilia. My kids tend to save their money to buy from here on every trip.

Overall, from the food, the ambiance, the entire experience, China stands out as the best and well-managed pavilion in all of Epcot’s World Showcase. It benefits from a perfect location and you simply can’t go wrong admiring the architecture and the culture that surrounds you. In addition, during the yearly festivals such as the Food and Wine festival, China is one of the popular destinations and tends to have longer wait times. And it’s worth it.