EPCOT World Showcase next takes us to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot offers food, music, and The Beatles!
The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot offers food, music, and The Beatles! /

The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot is without question my favorite place in the World Showcase. Why it comes in two on my personal rankings we will get to.

You enter the pavilion in three ways. You can cross the footbridge from France, climb the hill from the gondolas, or enter as you pass Canada from the Port of Entry. Once you are there, you are in the United Kingdom.

The first building you notice sits on the water’s edge. It is the Rose and Crown pub and inside you are taken to a small pub in the United Kingdom. Replicated to perfection, it is the only place in all of the Disney parks to get a Guinness on tap and the bartenders know very well how to make the perfect pour. They will make you wait for the receding foam.

The Rose and Crown is also a sit-down dining room with outside and inside tables. The menu highlights traditional English tastes and there is nothing better than to have a host from the U.K. with their wonderful English accents.

Not in the mood for a sit-down lunch or dinner? The Yorkshire Fish and Chips shop maybe what you need. Two large filets batter-dipped and fried, served with steakhouse style fries is a perfect English lunch complete with packets of vinegar. This is my 9-year-old son’s must-have every trip to the park.

Across the street, you are drawn into a quaint cottage-style English town where the street winds back behind the buildings. It is here you can find a spot to unwind, relax, and de-stress. When I am at Epcot alone, this is my working spot. Sitting at one of the tables tapping away on my laptop drinking a Guinness

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The shopping here is wonderful and full of British memorabilia from The Beatles to Doctor Who. There is a toy store, The Toy Soldier, a sporting shop that brings English football to you, and a tea shop, The Tea Caddy that specializes in Twinings teas and accessories.

In front of one of the cottages at the base of the street coming from the bridge, you can meet Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Behind all the shops and off the courtyard where you will find me, you will also find the Winnie the Pooh and Tigger character meet and greet! My wife’s favorite.

Still, need more? A band plays covers from the 1960s through the 1990s and are quite good. The courtyard will be packed when they come on stage so get your drink, your food, and get there early so you get a seat at one of the tables.

The United Kingdom has a little something for everyone and it’s great to spend a little more time here just to unwind a bit but then again, every country in the World Showcase has a place to unwind and relax.

Epcot World Showcase ranking: 2 of 11