Epcot World Showcase: Morocco takes you to the streets of Marrakesh

Morocco at Epcot's World Showcase. Photo by Brian Miller
Morocco at Epcot's World Showcase. Photo by Brian Miller /

Of all the Epcot World Showcase nations, few bring you into a surrounding that gives you a real impression of being there. Morocco does just that and so much more.

In many ways, Morocco is one of my favorite countries at Epcot’s World Showcase. While I love the food that is offered here, what makes this one of my top destinations is the feel and layout of the pavilion and the authentic nature it serves.

Entering into the pavilion, you are transported to Morocco where stone walkways and stone arches bring you down shopping corridors where the smells of incense float through the air. Dim lit outdoor bazaar-style shopping awaits you through the maze of stone.

Inside you will come face to face with Disney Princess, Jazmine from Alladin as well as the film’s namesake. Don’t want to wait in line for the meet and greet? No worries you can see her from one of the store windows as she greets children and adults.

Epcot World Showcase is an incredibly fun journey across the globe.

The pavilion is one of the only World Showcase countries that were designed with the input of the actual host country. It shows in the details and is one of the reasons it feels so natural compared to other nations in the park.

There is a Gallery of Arts and History on-site that introduces guests to the nation’s traditions. The Fez House is set up as a traditional Moroccan home and fountains line the stone walls around it and throughout the shops.

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Currently, the two restaurants are closed due to the pandemic and the Tangierine Cafe, located in the back of the pavilion is undergoing a lot of changes and will remain close for the foreseeable future. Restaurant Marrakesh, located at the front of the pavilion, offers traditional northern African food. Across the path on the waterfront, Spice Road Table offers Mediterranean fare in an outdoor seating area. During the last time I was there a few months ago, this restaurant was the only one open.

As for the architecture, a replica minaret from Marrakesh has represented architecture from Rabat, where the Chellah, a necropolis replica stands. At the entrance to the bazaar, Bab Boujeloud stands at the Fex medina gateway.

Shopping includes leather items, traditional Moroccan fashions, jewelry, and rugs imported from the country. There is also a ceramics shop as well.

At night, you may be able to catch a traditional belly-dancing show.

World Showcase ranking: 5 of 11.