Epcot World Showcase: Mexico is great for the whole family

A Mayan temple stands out against blue sky while guest wait outside to go in. Photo by Brian Miller
A Mayan temple stands out against blue sky while guest wait outside to go in. Photo by Brian Miller /

When visiting Epcot’s World Showcase, it is impossible to miss the Mexico Pavilion. The towering pyramid stands out and is the first country you will come to when turning left from the Port of Entry. The Mexico pavilion is a treat for all ages.

There are a couple of places to eat in Mexico. There is a “fast-food” type area located on the water’s edge as well as another restaurant that you can sit at behind it. Inside the pyramid, the pavilion’s main restaurant can be found. This is the best ambiance of the entire World Showcase.

San Angel Inn Restaurante is located inside the pyramid. The food is authentic Mexican fare so you may not find the American versions of what you think Mexican food should be. The seating puts you on what feels like a Mexican outdoor-themed park. It sits across a river and a volcano that flashes its sounds to mimic an eruption every so often. If there is a downside to this restaurant, it is far too dark for my liking.

To the left of San Angel Inn Restaurante, you will find the entrance to the Three Caballero’s ride. A slow-moving interactive river ride that takes you behind the volcano and entertains you with visions of the Mexican country and music by the Donald Duck led Three Caballero’s band.

Inside the pyramid, you will find a lot of shopping opportunities from sugar skulls to Mexican jewelry and so much more. I tend to spend a lot of time here because there are a lot of options and the merchandise is spread out like a Mexican street bazaar.

Recently, the entrance has been changed to feature a Disney Coco theme in the main entryway rotunda that you walk through when you reach the top of the steps. There is wheelchair access to the pyramid.

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To the right of the pyramid, you can meet Donal Duck throughout the day. It is located across from the La Hacienda de San Angel lakeside table dining restaurant. Outside of this restaurant nearest the water, you can listen to the Mariachi bands that play throughout the day as well.

There is a small outdoor shopping storefront that offers a myriad of items from Mexico but the best part of Mexico may be the tequila bar and the Margarita bar. Both are located together in a kiosk just before you get to the pyramid. The La Cava del Tequila offers traditional Mexican mixed drinks with tequila while the Choza de Margarita will give you your fill of the delicious frozen alcohol beverage.

Our kids love the Mexican pavilion because the inside is dark and cool and they can walk through the little carts to see what is sold. They also like the addition of the counter-service Cantina de San Angel that now serves more Americanized favorites like nachos and yes, even tacos.

World Showcase ranking: 8 of 11