Bahia Honda State Park is the paradise of the Florida Keys

From Denver to Argentina Bahia Honda is destination for everyone
From Denver to Argentina Bahia Honda is destination for everyone /

The Florida Keys stretch from Key Largo to Key West but Bahia Honda is where you should go.

Bahia Honda is located 38 miles north of Key West on U.S. route 1 and offers the best beach and sunrise/sunsets you will see in Florida.

Some will argue that anywhere in the Florida Keys will provide the best sunrise/sunset beaches in the Florida Keys, if not the entire state of Florida but Bahia Honda State Park provides the best.

Bahia Honda is located just north of the biggest Florida Keys tourist trap in the entire state, Key West. It is a state park which means that you will need to pay to get in and the minimal charge is well worth the visit.

The beaches are pristine but small on the eastern side. The water shallowe enough for you kids to frolic in the shallow water while on the western side the water deepens enough for novice snorkelers. Swim the wall and maybe you will find a moray eel along the rocks. Small tropical fish dot the rock crevaces in shallow water but what makes Bahia Honda special?

Bahia Honda is a perfect Florida Keys vacation for RV campers or just a day visit. It’s not a local spot but an international destination that makes you realize it is a go-to destination.

Both sides of the park butt up against water. The eastern side sits against the Atlantic Ocean while the western side sits on the gulf coast. The water is shallow on the Atlantic side but deeper on the west. Yet this is an international destination.

Today I met a group from Argentina and when I spoke them, they said that Bahia Honda was a must-stop for them. Why? I said. Because it is pristine, was the answer. You can park your RV in one of the 20 or so spots that are hard to come by and reserved up to a year in advance. You can spend the day on the ocean’s fron with little to no outside interaction. It is secluded afterall.

Bahia Honda State Park
Friends from Argentina chill out on the beach in Bahia Honda state park /

I also met a couple of beautiful girls from Denver who opted to celebrate a birthday at the park. When I asked why they chose Bahia Honda, they said the same thing. It’s tranquil.

The RV spots are spacious. Easily capable of 40 foot plus spots and five minute walks to the beach. There is electric hook-ups but no waste station on site. The dump station, however, is located a mere 1 minute drive from your spot.

BH is a family campground. Children don’t just run around everywhere but some do ride bikes. The beach itself is a long strand with soft sand. In the future, Sandspur Beach will reopen on the northern part of the park.

Sandspur has a lagoon between the Atlantic and Gulf waters. It will provide more public beach space and more camp sites as well.

The beach goers I spoke with all talked about the beach feeling more private. Two girls I spoke with visiting from Denver, drove up from Key West to spend the day at Bahia Honda rather than enjoy the local beaches in Key West.

If you are looking for a getaway trip in an RV or a day trip with the family while staying in the Keys, Bahia Honda is a great place. Make your reservations early as they tend to book a year in advance but check back often as many will be relinquished through the year.

If camping isn’t your style, no worries. The park has cabins that can be rented as well. They are harder to get due to availability. Located on the Gulf side of the park, the cabins offer more seclusion for those looking for peace and quiet.

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At the guest services building, you can buy food and drink as well as book a boat excursion to Looe Key reef, one of the best snorkeling areas in all of south Florida island strands. Not wanting to take a boat out? The water is shallow enough to snorkel off the beach and is a great learning opportunity for younger snorkelers who may not have the experience to tackle deeper waters.

The beach also has a nice shell line that you can comb through. They are not the biggest or greatest shells you will find in Florida, but nice enough to keep you occupied or for the little ones to search through.