Christmas travel to Tennessee and eastern Carolina can be heaven

Christmas travel might be a bit rocky this year with the pandemic but you don’t need to stay cooped up at home.

Need to get away from the rigors of your daily life? Christmas travel may be restricted but it isn’t something you should give up on.

In eastern North Carolina and around Gatlinburg, Tn, there are plenty of options to spend your holiday season hunkered down in a beautiful log cabin in the mountains. With luck, you might even wake up Christmas morning to a fresh layer of snow.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a great way to get out of the normal dulldrums of our every day quarantine and offer opportunities to reconnect with nature and if you are going to be sitting with just your family this year, they may need to go somewhere special as well.

Gatlinburg offers a lot of varying interests for families even in the winter. Nothing, however, will prepare you for the serenity of a retreat into the woods leaving the rest of your worries behind.

In the eastern Carolina’s, mountain retreats are even more secluded. In Boone, Nc. there are winding roads and trails that can take you further from the cities. Small quaint towns along the way to shop before hiding out for your length of stay.

Most cabin accommodations include multiple rooms, fireplaces, and kitchens but there are some that will also give you a nice outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi, but it’s a little chilly making your way across the decck.

This year try something a little different if being stuck at home has you down. Christmas is just around the corner and there are still places available.