Know your Thanksgiving travel restrictions before you go, there are plenty

The United States isn’t fully locked down yet but with Thanksgiving travel next week, states have plenty of restrictions.

This may not be the year to venture away from home for Thanksgiving travel and some states won’t let you join your family if you want to.

While some states still have far more relaxed travel regulations, some are taking things a bit too far, or maybe they are not and just being prudent. Either way, if you are leaving the comfort of your own state, you may want to know about what other states are asking from you.

Some states have no restrictions in place, instead, they may ask you to simply wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you are leaving a state with an increasing COVID situation, you may want to reconsider.

In many cases, you can freely cross the border of each state without issue. It is what happens after that, which matters. Some states require some form of negative COVID test declaration that is dated within seven days  or even 72 hours of your arrival.

Each state seems to have their own restrictions and some states will fine you thousands of dollars if you don’t follow their protocols for entry. That being said, how each state plans to enforce these restrictions is vague from state to state.

There have been some new rumors that some of the northern states will restrict Thanksgiving get togethers to members of two households only. In addition, staying at a hotel in some states, like Maine, will require you to sign a compliance letter or responsibility letter.

For a detailed list of state to state restrictions, visit Travel+Leisure by going here.