SeaWorld Black Friday deals arrive early and they rock!

If you are thinking about taking a trip to SeaWorld this year or in 2021, their Black Friday deals are ready for you credit card.

SeaWorld is  areally nice amusement park and you can’t beat the prices, especially given their early Black Friday deals that are on sale now.

The early Black Friday deals run from now until November 27th and the price points are such that they make a season pass far cheaper than a single day ticket. If you are considering a trip to the park in 2021, it’s time to buy and you will get the rest of 2020 to enjoy the park as well for free.

On Saturday, SeaWorld released their Black Friday annual prices. A Fun Card to Aquatica will cost you only $69.00 for all of 2020 and all of 2021. Fun Cards are basically an annual pass without all the discounts on merchandise and upgrades.

Over at the SeaWorld park itselft, the Black Friday Fun Card deal will cost you $79.99 instead of the regular price of $119.00. Annual passes start at $114.00 and include 50% off all in-park merchandise and 10% off upgrades.

Almost all of the upgrades are on sale as well. All-day dining will cost $19.99 for the first person and half off the others. You can eat every hour at the park on the day you go with his updgrade. It is well worth it. On a trip to SeaWorld last month, one lunch cost $16.00.

Want to skip the weight lines for the big roller coasters? No problem! With a Quick Queue pass you can jump to the front of the line for a little as $7.99 instead of the normal $15.00. There are also priority seating options for the shows as well that you can upgrade to.

Still only want to go one day and don’t see a need for a Fun Card or annual pass? During the next two weeks you can get a daily ticket for $59.99 instead of the regular $89.99.