Time to plan your National Parks trip and entrance could be 100% free

The town of Bar Harbor, Maine sits along the coast below Cadillac Mountain.
The town of Bar Harbor, Maine sits along the coast below Cadillac Mountain. /

National Parks are a great place to visit because they are spread out all over the country and now you may get in for free.

This year, the National Parks Service is opening up one of their more popular free programs to get you out of your home and outside!

Typically, most National Parks have some fees attached to them, mostly entry charges. That is going to change for a lot of Americans soon. One yearly free program, the 4th graders and their families programs has been extended to include 5th graders this year. It seems the powers that be felt bad that the 4th graders last year missed out on their year because of COVID.

The secretary who handles the programs has stated that this will remain in effect through August of 2021. In other words, all summer long. You will need to fill out a form that is downloadable from each parks official site and you will have to have your student present with you.

4th and 5th graders are not the only ones getting the treatment either. Starting on Veterans Day, service members will be able to get in free and in many cases their entire parties will be permitted into the park. For example, at the Everglades National Park, admission is by carload. This year Gold Star families will also be given free access as well.

For more information and to find out when exactly the phased openings will begin, click here to visit the NPS’s official website. 

National Parks provide far more than simple educational activities. Getting outdoors and experiencing the wonders of our country can be exhilarating and if you qualify for the free admissions you have no excuses not to take advantage of them.