Review: Epcot vs. SeaWorld food and drink festivals

2020 Taste Your Way Around the World food and wine festival at Epcot.
2020 Taste Your Way Around the World food and wine festival at Epcot. /
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SeaWorld food kiosk
A look inside one of the cooking huts at the 2020 SeaWorld Craft Beer and Food Festival. /

Taste is obviously more important than anything else when it comes to an F&W festival and that was no different at SeaWorld or Epcot.

For years, I have loved going to the Epcot F&W and this year again provided the opportunity but as with the presentation, the taste left something to be desired.


In year’s past, you could bite into something and really enjoy the flavor profiles that were handed to you. Almost like a layered flavor with every component nicely complimenting something else. In the last couple of years, it seems Epcot has taken some time off. Yes, I meant to say “couple” of years.

This year’s festival felt like it was leftovers from last year’s menu. The food was o.k. but nothing really impressed enough to go back for another round. The food tended to be a bit too salty in some cases and too sweet in others but what it really lacked was a clear balance.

That is not to say that everything at Epcot was bad, far from it but I expected more and even with COVID there should have been a more diverse menu. It seems that Epcot is getting into a run with their offerings.


To be quite honest, the best thing I had at both festivals came from SeaWorld. Mojo Roasted Pork waffle fry nachos with avocado crema and cotija cheese was nearly perfect but was oversalted as well.

I would have gotten a picture of it but my son was already digging in before I could get my camera out. The crema was really good and there was a perfect amount of pork to go with the waffle fries.

Sadly, nothing else really jumped out as a must-have. The Brussel sprouts and bacon were good but I like sprouts!

Advantage: Epcot

Frankly, despite the really tasty waffle nachos and the sprouts, there is still a better taste profile at Epcot even though this year they simply didn’t do enough or really step up their game.