Review: Epcot vs. SeaWorld food and drink festivals

2020 Taste Your Way Around the World food and wine festival at Epcot.
2020 Taste Your Way Around the World food and wine festival at Epcot. /
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The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is going on currently and so is the Beer and Food festival at Seaworld.

Should you choose between SeaWorld or Epcot when it comes to their own food and wine or beer festival? In years past it would have been simple.

Side by side many theme park patrons view Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival as the best event of all the theme parks in Orlando and those same guests often spoke about SeaWorld being the poor version. This is consistent when comparing the Halloween events at Disney World parks to what SeaWorld does.

For all the talk by the hotty-totty Epcot fans and the disses of the festival at SeaWorld, I decided to drive down from NC to see if there really is much of a difference between the two and if those differences should sway your decision.

As someone who has been to the Epcot festival the last eight years, I can speak about the differences between the two and also taking into consideration the current COVID situation that most definitely had an impact.

I have broken this review down into side-by-side comparisons in categories that should mean the most, to you. It is important to note that SeaWorld’s festival runs after 3:00 pm on Friday through Sunday with earlier starts on the weekend but they do not have the festival during the week. Epcot’s festival begins at 11:00 am daily.