Play the travel dart game and you can end up anywhere!

In the movies you have seen someone blindly point a finger at a map and decide to travel there, now you should do the same.

Call it whatever you want but when it comes to travel, sometimes it is only a matter of pointing a finger, tossing a dart, or spinning a globe.

Travel can be a lot of things but sometimes, you may draw a blank when it comes to getting into your car and leaving your home. That is where a map or a globe can help you out.

Maps are a lot of fun to keep around and while in this day and age they are a lot less needed as they used to be, maps still can play a big role in our travel plans. Especially if you are looking for a quick trip to make on a weekend or have a couple of days off.

If you have a weekend to fill and are not sure what to do with it but know you don’t want to stay home, open a state map, close your eyes, and point. Wherever your finger goes, you go. On the computer, it may not be as easy so I recommend taking a snapshot of the map, opening it, and rotating it upside down and then touching the screen. Our minds typically don’t adjust immediately to the rotation and we get a better impulse trip that doesn’t end up being right next door.

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If you have a week to kill and are not sure where to go, do it on a country or region map. If you can travel the globe and have one of those nifty little orbs of fun, spin it, stop it, and plan your itinerary.

Travel doesn’t have to be planned far in advance and it doesn’t have to take you to exotic places every time you decide to get out of town. I’ve lived in North Carolina for almost 15 years and I can honestly say I have yet to see most of the western state. I’m sure for many of us that are the case.

Whether it is an RV trip, quick getaway, or just a Saturday to get away from everything, take a stab at the unknown with your finger and enjoy!