Disney water parks will not reopen until after the new year

The Walt Disney Company has made another tough decision and now the Disney water parks will remain closed.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, two Disney water parks will remain closed for the remainder of the 2020 season and will not reopen until 2021.

Annual pass holders were sent an email from the annual pass guest relations last night informing them that all Platinum plus pass holders would be receiving a lump sum refund for the days that the two Disney water parks will be closed for. That refund will arrive in late October or early November according to the email.

Disney was quick to point out that the closures will remain in place due to the COVID situation and also means a longer-term layoff for cast members at those two parks. Sadly. Disney was quick to point out that any pass holder making monthly payments would not see a reduction in their payments and that they would still be due each month. Although the difference between Platinum and Platinum plus would indeed by refunded.

The email also said that when the parks reopen in 2021, should the Platinum plus pass be current, then those pass holders would be allowed entry.


Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are the two remaining water parks as part of Orlando’s Walt Disney properties. Both have their own unique twists and rides. At Typhoon Lagoon, guests are treated to the decor of an island ravished by a recent typhoon. At Blizzard Beach, snow and winter are the themes and even Christmas music is heard over the loudspeakers.

Both have big swimming pools and a lot of water slides as well as a lazy river but both parks pools offer something different with one, Typhoon Lagoon, having a large “wave” that throws up the surf with a massive wave that you can body surf. At Blizzard Beach, a bobbing wave pool delights the kids and parents. Both parks have great areas for toddlers as well.

Hopefully Disney will use this time to refurbish any rides that need to be done and the parks as well.