Your Amazing Race: London Calling

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The Amazing Race led their own British Invasion this past week. While entertainment like Harry Potter, Dr. Who and Downton Abbey have created many anglophiles in recent years, my personal affinity for all things British runs deeper than pop culture. I have always appreciated the history and traditions of the UK, which makes writing an article like this very difficult.

I have dreams of living (or vacationing – to be realistic) in a country estate and frequenting a charming little neighborhood pub like The Queen’s Head and Artichoke (real place). So when the Amazing Race took us to London and Oxford last week, I was over the moon and oh so jealous. I would love to list for you all the things on my UK bucket list, but let’s be honest, TripSided is not meant to be my personal memoirs nor diary!

So readers, I will be focusing on the Amazing Race itself. I will stay true to the purpose of this series and give you tips on how you can recreate the activities from Leg 2. Please remember though that if you are to ever visit our wonderful friends across the pond, take the time to see in the sights and soak up their beautiful culture.

In the words of the British legend, Peter Pan, “Here we goooooooo!”