Nails and Martinis at Beauty Bar NYC is a Must-Visit

Even when we think we have seen it all, New York City never ceases to amaze us. We found a bar in NYC called Beauty Bar that serves customers drinks while they get their nails done. Customers receive first class treatment and certified to have an unordinary salon experience! One way to keep the customers coming back is by treating them like they are royalty, that’s for sure!

This “Beauty Bar” is located on 14th street and it used to be an old-fashioned beauty salon. This salon dates back to 1995 where it served its first drink and made history for beauty salons around the world and increased the standards of salons one drink at a time.

The old salon has been transformed into a bar where people can enjoy a drink while getting a manicure, or other people not getting a service in the salon can simply come to get drunk, so either way, it is a win win situation!

The best part of this whole discovery is, it only cost $10 to get a manicure and a martini which makes it a perfect tourist attraction. This price is definitely a bargain for what it has to offer. This is incredible because, in New York City, it is hard to find just one of those two things for $10.

The idea became so popular that Beauty Bar locations have opened up in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

This unique bar combines two things every girl(and some guys) love: beauty and cocktails.