Review: SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival, is it worth it?

SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival. Photo by Brian Miller
SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival. Photo by Brian Miller /
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2020 – The SeaWorld Craft Beer and Food Festival runs through November 1st. /

Taking the time to drink your way around the Seven Seas Food Festival can be a lot of fun especially since many of the kiosks are drinks only. Personally, I tried to pay out of pocket for the drink samples. They are small, about 5 oz if memory serves. You can purchase full sizes of the drinks but they will run you about $12.00 but are larger.

Beer tends to taste like beer after a while so I stayed away and instead worked my through some of the other options that are not available during the rest of the year. One of the better ones was the Puffin Kiss which is made with Vodka and a mix of other spirits. It worked well together and made me want another one but I stayed away.

In the Brazilan Market area, the specialty cocktail was a Frozen Basil and Min Caipirinha which was good and worked well as a chaser to the steak they offered.

At the 2nd kiosk, there are two cocktail options, the Beso Del Sol which came in watermelon and stone fruit. Both were very good and were a nice finish to our day. We started further away and worked our way back towards the front.

At the Polynesian Island Market you can taste some very good Korean BBQ Lamb ribs but the real treat was the pineapple cocktail. Frozen Hawaiian Pineapple Express is made with Ocean Organic Vodka, pineapple, mint, lemon, and honey and was wonderful. It was the first drink of the day as we make our way around the festival.

Another solid offering from the All-American Market, where the lobster mac came from, is a pomegranate lemonade that was our final drink sample. It was nice way to end the day on the way out and wash the pallet clean of the day’s food.